No one likes to lose money or miss a good opportunity; that’s why we at TAnalyzer, short for "trade analyzer," are here to help you. We specialize in the U.S. stock market and algorithmic trading. The TAnalyzer system uses a smart algorithm which checks hundreds of parameters, constraints and data using sophisticated mathematics and other tools to determine the investor's chances of success.

We are committed to helping traders and investors decide if their stock market ideas have any chance of turning them a profit. We do not dictate investment ideas to you because only you know what is best for you, but we can help you assess your target prices on stocks and determine how likely it is that those stocks will reach the levels you believe they will in the timeframe you expect them to.

Our goal is to provide as many clients as possible the most advanced technological solutions for their trading so they can make a profit or limit the losses on their investments.

Why should you trust us?
TAnalyzer is managed by professionals in both business and mathematics.

We have engineers, algorithm experts and high-level mathematicians working hand-in-hand on just one mission: to analyze trades professionally and automatically.