The only thing you need to input into our system in order to analyze an investment idea is the stock ticker, your hypothetical price target, and the desired investment holding period. In turn, our algorithm provides you with the percent-likelihood of achieving your investment objectives, along with a recommended stop-loss price and standard deviation. It’s as simple as that.
The majority of clients utilize our system as a form of validation to get a second opinion on their investment ideas. There is nothing more daunting to the modern investor than the idea of losing money on a poor trade, and our clients benefit from the peace of mind that TAnalyzer provides.
Our proprietary algorithm uses a combination of corporate financial data, market performance indicators and technical indicators as inputs. We then determine the trade outcome based on your desired holding period and target price. Our algorithm has been extensively tested, with consistent accuracy.
TAnalyzer provides investors the reassurance of a professional investment advisor who checks their math on each investment idea. Our clients choose us because of our strong team of financial experts, mathematics professionals, and programmers, all backed by an impeccable track record. If you are an investor looking to minimize poor trades and get a leg up on the markets, our service is for you!
Our system provides results immediately upon entering the required information.
Our system has undergone rigorous testing by our team of qualified professionals to ensure reliable accuracy. We are more than confident in our platform, and the feedback we have received from past clients and users speaks for itself!
The only information that our system requires is the stock ticker, the investment price target, and the desired holding period. TAnalyzer takes care of the rest.
At the moment, TAnalyzer is compatible with equities listed on U.S. markets (NASDAQ, NYSE).
TAnalyzer was not designed to target one specific type of investor. Rather, we designed TAnalyzer to be versatile enough to be used by all types of investors. Whether you are a passive investor looking to build wealth over time or an active day-trader who makes multiple trades per day, you can benefit from TAnalyzer.
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