How to Manage Your Stock Portfolio With Best Robo Advisor

The financial markets are increasingly paying attention to Robo Advisors amid their excellent performance and the easy which they bring to the users. According to an estimate by asset management firm A.T Kearney, the usage of Robo Advisors will increase by a whopping 68% in the coming years. The total worth of assets under the management of Robo Advisors will surge to $2.2 trillion. Robo Advisors have smart, automated tools that give you access to a customized and diverse portfolio, in addition to providing access to wealth management services.

Managing your stock portfolio with Robo Advisors is simple. First, you should select the best Robo advisor. There are numerous options available in the market but not everyone is worth your money. Some notable Robo Advisors in 2017 are Betterment LLC, TAnalyzer, Schwab Intelligence Portfolios and SigFig.

Robo Advisors not only gives you an on-demand stock analysis, but also predicts its growth trajectory, based on historical charts and data of the stock. If you want to manage your stock portfolio with the Robo Advisor TAnalyzer, just plug-in the stock name and it will give you the analysis. The tool will also tell you the likelihood of the stock touching a specific price target.

For example, Facebook is currently trading at $167 a share. If I want to invest in Facebook, I’d want to make sure the stock will gain value in the future. Let’s say I want to evaluate the chances of Facebook hitting a $180 price target in the next few months. Using the TAnalyzer Robo Advisor, I will put the Facebook ticker in the box and input my desired price target. I will also specify the time period for which the analysis is required. After clicking on the “Analyze” button, the Robo Advisor will give me a detailed analysis as shown in the photos below.


fb analysis long position with 180 price target

As you can see in the results, Facebook has a greater than 60% chance of its shares hitting the target price of $180. This percentage was calculated by the software quickly using the stock history, data from market fundamentals and catalysts. Instead of doing all the effort of manual searching and sifting through the financial statements, I was able to get a smart analysis using one of the best Robo Advisors within a minute.

Here is a video tutorial showing how to use the TAnalyzer Robo Advisor to manage your portfolio and evaluate stocks.

Robo Advisors are the future of the stock markets. Instead of paying hefty fees to hedge fund managers and experts, the markets will turn to smart algorithms and digital tools to get the best stock analysis.