Our system is incredibly easy to use, and results are generated in seconds. In order to provide you with an accurate analysis, we require the following three inputs:

Stock Ticker

The first input our system requires is the stock ticker for the equity you wish to analyze. Our platform is extremely user-friendly and allows you to enter either the company name or stock ticker before providing a list of matching equities from which you can make a selection.

Target Price

In order to determine the likelihood of investment success, our system needs to know what target price you are seeking. This price can be based on valuation hypotheses, technical estimates, analyst reports, or even personal goals.

Investment Holding Period

Finally, our system requires the projected investment holding period. The length of the holding period depends on both the type of investor you are and the investment idea. Day-traders may seek to validate short-term investments (less than one day), whereas longer-term value investors may wish to validate long-run value plays.

Using this information, our system provides you an accurate rating for the likelihood of success, a recommended stop-loss price, and the standard deviation of your investment idea!