Stock Analysis

Stocks are an essential constituent of a well-diversified investment portfolio, but there are some fundamentals of stock market trends and analysis that every individual investor should know. No investor wants to lose money and not every investor chooses the best strategy for picking the right stock at the right time with a goal of making money with the stock trading. This article is for the average Joe in the trading street looking for making investments in the stock market or increasing his portfolio performance.

Choose the stock market strategy that best fits your investment goal and experience. While many financial advisors insist investors to spread their capital in the way they suggest, it is important for beginners to learn the basics of how stock market works and know some financial facts to make a smart stock investing.


Stock Analysis – Learn How to Make Smart Investment Decision

If you are thinking of buying a stock, you should be able to choose the right stock picking strategy based on market research and should quantify the maximum possible return achievable in your portfolio by executing the same strategy. For achieving an increased investment performance, TAnalyzer recommends doing in-depth stock analysis to build a stock portfolio and jump start your success with stock investing that also makes your money grow.


Here are the four key strategies of a successful stock analysis you can try when using different trading styles. Understand your investment goals and pick the best valuable analysis process to improve your stock portfolio and take advantage of current market trends for diversified portfolio management.



  1. Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental stock analysis is a measure of financial health of the company you have chosen to invest. For beginners and growing business firms, it is recommended to execute fundamental analysis of the stock in a well-organized manner before investing for a long term plan. After all we all want to invest in a healthy company and desire a high-growth business investment.

By doing financial analysis, you get a deep understanding of the company’s financial statements, market competition, past performance, and corporate health. You also gain knowledge about the fair value of its stock. The fundamental analysis of stock investing uses growth and value as two parameters to evaluate a company’s financial health and ensures consistent returns on potential stock investment.

  1. Technical Analysis

Technical analysis involves a deep analysis of supply and demand chain in the stock market to determine when to buy a stock and in which direction the share price trend is pointed towards.  Using stock charts and pattern mining, technical analysis makes it easy for investors to decide on entry and exit time for short-term investing.

Technical analysis relies on statistical evaluation of the market growth activities and doesn’t include measuring the intrinsic value of a company’s share. Technical analysts assume that the stock prices progress in trends and history of the stock market is gravitated to repeat itself.  Stock price and volume are the two major indicators used in technical analysis other than charts, to determine the patterns that can be used as a ground to make informed stock investing decisions.

  1. Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis of stock is the best approach to know what makes stock price go up and down and is helpful in dealing with intraday forecast of the stock prices.

Trading with defined models of statistics like Gaussian and building trading models by manipulating the data derived from multiple variables is the essence of statistical analysis of a stock. Statistical analysis helps the investors to determine when a stock price is congested, running up or moving down in a direction.

  1. Sentiment analysis Stock sentiment analysis is the heart of successful portfolio management as it catalyzes the success rate of a company’s stock valuation. Using sentiment analysis helps aspiring investors to know the reviews of current investors in the company and lets the businesses connect with potential followers who can become their stock investment evangelist.

Start analyzing the social insights on key performance indicators of the stock that you really need to pay attention in order to get higher profit in return and avoid the risk of capital loss.

Robo Advisors – The Ultimate Stock Analysis Tool to Make Your Money Grow

Using robo advisors or automated algorithms for analysis of a stock is in vogue and the list of powerful and high-speed robo advisors is increasingly growing in the stock market ecosystem. Investing with robo advisors is catching the fancy of a myriad of young investors nowadays and has helped many business and individuals in successful diversification of their stock portfolios. Manage your money smartly and live a relaxing life.

Robo advisors also known as robo-allocators provide the most accurate results possible within a fraction of seconds based on the real-time information and current market situation. Unlike human advisor, a robo-advisor can be thought of as your robotic personal advisor that works on calculated algorithms and tend to produce lighting fast analysis results without the need of human intervention.

There is no harm in taking help of automated investment advisors if you do not know the basics of stock investment trends or have no time to manage your stock portfolio. A robo-advisor like TAnalyzer’s is an easy-to-use market advisory platform that makes it possible for you to explain the allocation of your money analytically and prevent the risk of becoming a victim of stock downfall.